How Raw Food Alkalizes the Body

Some doctors believe that a raw food diet can’t change your internal pH. Here’s the Raw Truth they don’t know! by Robert Ross, 8/19/2011 Some health professionals trained in standard allopathic medicine will tell you (because it is what they were taught) that the pH of what you eat doesn’t change your internal acid/alkaline balance. That is based on a ... Leer Más »

13 Uses for Cucumbers That Will Amaze You

13 Uses for Cucumbers That Will Amaze You Cucumbers area unit terribly straightforward to grow and make a delicious treat. However did you recognize they will stop hangovers, or clean the room sinks? Below may be a list of tips and tricks you’ll be able to do with cucumbers that you simply don’t need to miss! 1. Cucumbers contain most ... Leer Más »

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